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    Special Applications

In designing systems for our customers we have developed special designs that have become part of our equipment choices in many applications, in addition to the standard, and modified-standard products, we offer special designs.

 Express Package Products

Mobile conveyors to transport air freight containers to and from airplane cargo bays are manufactured by WHM.

Structural Aluminum

WHM's structural aluminum product includes components which can be used for functions supplementing conveyor systems. Examples of such functions are conveyor supports, machine structures, workbenches, partitions, and enclosures and equipment guarding. Components for linear motion facilitate the design of special machinery pick-and-place units, and gantry robots.
Components are easy and quick to assemble, and in most instances are more cost-effective then conventional welded steel construction.


WHM's Roll-Queue feeding and staging tables provide reliable accumulation control for materials fed to and from operations.  Materials are held in place on a gravity-fed deck by pneumatically activated table-length stops, and tables can be designed for size and height requirements.

Roll Queue

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