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WHM services include analyzing your application requirements, providing economical answers that are right for your operation.




At WHM, we design and build custom conveyors of all types. These include standard systems, conveyors fabricated from standard and modified components, and to satisfy needs that cannot be met by standard or modified components we engineer and design specialized custom conveyor systems and build from the ground up.Our engineers use Auto-CAD systems to produce concepts and finished drawings,including detail, fabrication, wiring, final assembly and installation.




Our skilled technicians accompany many of our manufactured systems to customer locations to provide expert installation.  They can be present for startup and all activities related to preparing installed units for incorporation into the customer's processes.





WHM provides advanced electronic systems to control automation or special processes associated with your conveyor requirements.  These controls can be part of systems we design and build, they can be engineered to tie your existing equipment into the new systems we build for you.




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