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Part Wash Station and Coolant Trough
wpe6.jpg (4685 bytes)

Irregularly shaped parts are conveyed between machining operations in fixtures fastened to two strands of chain. These index as each part is loaded. The "dog house" above the conveyor is a wash station where parts are flushed with clean coolant to remove chips. The conveyor frame was designed as a trough to return coolant and chips to the coolant recovery system.

Steel Cylinder Conveyor
wpeA.jpg (4338 bytes)

Steel cylinders which become the enclosures of residential air conditioner compressors are conveyed on their sides on chain driven roller conveyor. Rings welded to roller tubes hold these cylinders in place without guide rails.


Chain Conveyor with Positioning for Robot Loader
wpeB.jpg (10177 bytes)
This chain conveyor indexes to present cartons to robotic load stations where various elements of plastic ware assortments are added. Plastic cleats fastened to the chain hold cartons in place.

Elevator, Conveyor and Lowerator
wpeC.jpg (7157 bytes)

Outsized, irregularly shaped auto parts are transferred from a sub-assembly station to final assembly on this system which includes an elevator, zero pressure accumulation conveyor, and lowerator.



"Single File" Vials
wpeD.jpg (6285 bytes)

This starwheel "single files" small vials and places them on a discharge conveyor.


Alpine "Space Saver"
wpeE.jpg (8291 bytes)

Our customer's process required a 2-hour supply of parts in live storage.  Space, however was limited. The solution was to arrange conveyor elements in an "alpine" to use space typically lost beneath the conveyor.


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