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Bin/Pallet Handling

Diverters - This pop-up wheel case-sorter will divert cases from a line shaft driven roller conveyor. Ten wheels set a 30o angle to the direction of flow and driven from the line shaft are lowered to clear the bottoms of cases that must stay on the main line and are raised by air to contact the bottoms of cases to be sorted. This diverter requires minimal gaps (about 6") between cases.

A similar diverter is offered for sorting cases from belt conveyors. Twist type diverters, which can handle small cases or cartons, can be made to divert to the right, left and center.

Over & Under

WHM's Over & Under staging conveyors take time out of forklift part-feeding operations in half the footprint of other staging systems.  Lower roller bed conveys parts to usage point; scissors lift moves parts carrier into processing and takeaway positions; and upper roller bed conveys parts bins to forklift pick-up point.

Over & Under     

Warehousing & Distribution

We offer a complete line of ware-house control software and interfaces for the warehousing and distribution industries. If your warehouse is challenged with the problems of on-time, accurate, and complete order fulfillment.

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