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4-SiderPackage & Carton Handling

(Consumer Goods)





Tabletop chain driven conveyors available in mild steel or stainless
steel construction, in an open top design
only.   Featuring:

  • Bolted Frame Construction

  • Stainless Steel or Mild Steel 

  • Side Flexing or Straight
    Running Chain 

  • Single or Multiple Chain

Line Shaft

Lineshaft Powered Roller Conveyors are purposely used when situations require either the simple conveying of products or back to back accumulation. Typical uses of this type of conveyor are:- order picking lines/stations, production lines, packaging lines, barcoding, sorting systems and the simple movement of products from A to B.

Flexlink – Extruded Aluminum

WHM's structural aluminum product includes components which can be used for functions supplementing conveyor systems. Examples of such functions are conveyor supports, machine structures, workbenches, partitions, and enclosures and equipment guarding. Components for linear motion facilitate the design of special machinery pick-and-place units, and gantry robots.

Components are easy and quick to assemble, and in most instances are more cost-effective then conventional welded steel construction

4-Sider WHM's 4-Sider is a uniquely featured conveyor system that allows the user to ink-jet print information on all four sides of a carton while the cartons move at high speeds along a conveyor line. (Inkjet printer supplied by other)


Click photo to see the 4-Sider in action


Special Design

This conveyor carries pouches of gelatin dessert from the discharge of the pouch filler to the infeed of the cartoner. Pouches are carried on individual trays which are attached to precision link chain. The conveyor is driven from the filler through a Camco drive causing it to index in time with the filler.
A vacuum cup pick-and-place device at the far end is driven by the same line shaft. This unit picks pouches off of the trays and places them on the cartoner infeed conveyor.


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